SieMatic is all about attractive and unique products. Our showroom is proof that its four displays rival the best with bold character. They come together through a common desire for design and functionality. All cabinets and drawers are fully equipped to give you a good idea of what they can contain. With MultiMatic, an interior fitting system of variable functionality, you can put together, add to and change the storage space to meet your needs and gain up to 30 % more space.

To get a better picture, come visit our showroom, where SieMatic unveils the beauty of its diverse kitchen furnishings, their creativity, durability, aesthetics and functionality. Check out all the details. For example, the smooth and quiet operation of our doors equipped with our renowned noise reduction profiles, which also seal out dust and cooking vapors. Look inside our cabinets: integrated racks, making it easier to safely and efficiently adjust the shelves to the desired height. SieMatic’s unique quality features make your everyday kitchen life so much easier and pleasant…


Installing a new kitchen requires skilled personnel. Our highly trained kitchens designers will help you to make the most informed decisions based on your preferences, budget and living space. Their level of expertise and professionalism will sustain your trust and provide answers to all your questions. For example, choice of cabinetry, layout, materials from which they can be made, colours accents, etc. Our kitchen designers will support you every step of the way, from the earliest design phase through the installation of your new culinary space.

We invite you for a personalised consultation with our experts.


When creating your personal kitchen design, we work closely with you on the selection of appliances. We can integrate many of the European and US appliances to suit both your style of cooking and your personal aesthetic.
Some of the partners we work with on a regular basis include, but are not limited to: Miele, Subzero, Gaggenau, Cosentino and Julien.